Vol. 94 No.4 April 2001

The Relationship between Otitis Media with Effusion and Allergic Rhinitis

Masashi Suzuki (Oita Medical University)

          The role of allergy, particularly allergic rhinitis (AR), in otitis media with effusion (OME) is discussed. Because both OME and AR are common in young children, these disorders are occasionally seen in the same patient. Many clinical and experimental reports have discounted the allergies as a cause of middle ear effusion (MEE) because type I allergic reactions in the nose cause estachian tube dysfunction but do not induce MEE, since the associated tubal dysfunction has a short duration. It has been shown that allergy-induced tubal dysfunction significantly disturbs the clearance of MEE. Since clinical and experimental studies have demonstrated the efficacy of allergy treatment in patients or animals having both diseases, combination treatment for allergy and OME in patients with both disease should be initiated.

  Key words: otitis media with effusion, allergic rhinitis, pathogenesis type I allergy