Vol. 95 No. 1 January 2002

Evaluation of the Topical Treatment for Otitis Media

Junichi Koide  (Koide ENT Clinic)                                  
Keiji Hagiwara  (The 1st Red Cross Hospital of Nagoya) 
Eimei Yonekura  (Yonekura ENT Clinic)                         
Hajime Yamamoto  (Yamamoto ENT Clinic)                   
Tsutomu Nakashima  (Nagoya University)                         

      We evaluated the effectiveness of topical treatment including aspiration of otorrhoea, cleaning with cotton appli-cators and saline irrigation of external and midle ear in acute otitis media and chronic otitis media. The cases were divided into group A (with topical treatment) and group B (without topical treatment) in a random manner. In both groups the patients received otic drops for 4 days at the clinic or at home. The clinical course was significantly better in group A than group B.

Key words : topical treatment, acute otitis media, chronic otitis media


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