Vol. 95 No. 1 January 2002

Clinical Assessment of Topical Treatments for Nasal Cavity

Tadahiko Watanabe (Watanabe ORL Clinic)       
Masuichi Ohi (Ohi ORL Clinic)                           
Takashi Hiramatsu (Ogaki Citizen's Hospital)       
Taikichi Mizutani (Mizutani ORL Clinic)               
Keisuke Mizuta and Yatsuji Itoh (Gifu University)


      The aim of this study was to investigate the usefulness of topical treatments for nasal cavity in nasal diseases. The effects of topical treatments for the nasal cavity were evaluated based on the rhinoscopic findings and subjective symptoms reported by physicians of cooperating clinics in Gifu prefecture with the same protocol, and the patients' satisfaction degree was also evaluated from questionnaires completed by patients.
      Subjective symptoms and rhinoscopic findings were compared before and after the topical treatment. In subjective symptoms, the evaluation score decreased to 55.7% of that of before management. In objective rhinoscopic findings, the score decreased to 45.2% of that of before management. Thus, a marked decrease in symptoms and findings was observed as a results of topic treatments. Moreover, patients' satisfaction with treatment was high.

Key words : topical managements of nasal cavity, assessments of treatments for nose


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