Vol. 95 No. 1 January 2002

Nasal Evalution and Efficacy of Nasal Nebulizer Therapy

Kunio Shoji
(Mie E.N.T. Clinic)

Yuichi Majima
(Mie University)

      The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of nasal nebulizer therapy and to elucidate how nasal nebulizer therapy was evaluated by medical professionals using a questionnaire survey to otolaryngologists in Mie prefecture. Among the doctors who answered the questionnaire, 96% and 94% used nasal nebulizers to treat acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis, respectively, and the therapy was highly rated by the doctors.
      To investigate the efficacy of nasal nebulizer therapy in an objective clinical setting, we treated 145 patients (63 children, 82 adults) with chronic sinusitis by nasal nebulizer twice a week for over two months in 18 hospitals in Mie prefecture. We then determined the general effectiveness of the therapy against subjective symptoms as well as objective symptoms. The results showed that the nasal nebulizer therapy was effective in 17% of the child patients and in 40% of the adult patients. The efficacy rate was higher than that for oral treatments such as enzyme preparations.

Key words : nasal nebulizer therapy, aerosol, sinusitis


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