Vol. 95 No. 1 January 2002

Allergic Rhinitis and Levels of Dust-Mite Allergens in the Homes

Satoshi Ogino
(Osaka University)

Tadao Enomoto
(Japanese Red Cross Society Wakayama Medical Center)

Mitsuo Wada
(Hitachi Chemical)

       Several reports indicate that the severity of perennial allergic rhinitis is related to levels of dust-mite allergens. In this study, the levels of dust-mite allergens measured in the homes of 13 people with allergic rhinitis and 10 healthy volunteers. Dust specimens were collected with a vacuum cleaner and analyzed for the presence of major mite allergens (Der 1=Der p 1+Der f 1, Der 2=Der p 2+Der f 2) by using ELISA. Levels of Der 1 were higher in bedclothes, in bedrooms, and on family room floors. There were no differences between the homes of the 13 people with allergic rhinitis and the 10 healthy volunteers. No association was found between levels of dust-mite allergens and the severity of nasal symptoms. Although the levels of mite allergens increased in most of homes 2 months after cleaning, there was an insignificant tendency for improvement in nasal symptoms in homes with decreased levels 2 months after cleaning.

Key words : allergic rhinitis, dust-mite, Der 1, Der 2, nasal symptoms


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