Vol. 95 No. 1 January 2002

Salivary Duct Carcinoma in the Accessory Parotid Gland; A Case Report

Katsuhiro Yoshimura, Masashi Imanaka, Toshihide Atago, Masahiro Nakamura,
Kazuo Makimoto and Hiroshi Takenaka                                                            
(Osaka Medical College)

       Salivary duct carcinoma is an uncommon, relatively unknown, and clinically aggressive carcinoma of salivary origin. Recently, we treated a rare case of salivary duct carcinoma arising from the accessory parotid gland. The patient was a 68-year-old male who complained of left cheek swelling. The mass was located in left mid-cheek. Fine needle aspiration biopsy and open biopsy of the mid-cheek mass revealed malignant cells, but the pathological diagnosis was not settled. The mass in the mid-cheek was resected en-block including the buccal branches of the facial nerve, the superficial parotid gland, a part of the masseter muscle, and the skin right above the tumor. A pathological examination identified comedo necrosis and a final diagnosis of salivary duct carcinoma was made. The patient was treated with postoperative radiation therapy and has been free of tumors for 10 months.

Key words : salivary duct carcinoma, accessory parotid gland, pathological diagnosis, comedo necrosis


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