Vol. 95 No. 8  August 2002

Clinical Investigation of the Posterior Epistaxis 
Treated with an Endoscope

Yuichi Tomidokoro and Koshiro Nakamura
(Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital)

Takashi Kikuchi
(Ehime Prefectural Kitauwa Hospital)

Hisashi Kohno
(Kousei General Hospital)

       During the last nine and a half years (1991~2000) endoscopic electrocautery was performed on 18 patients (16 males and 2 females) with epistaxis at Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital. Using the endoscope all patients were investigated in the nasal cavity under general anesthesia. Six patients had bleeding sites at the posterior portion of the middle nasal meatus, seven patients in the olfactory cleft, three patients at the sphenoethmoidal recess, two patients in the inferior nasal meatus and one patient at the nasal septum. One patient had multiple bleeding sites. For these bleeding sites, electrocautery using the endoscope was successful. There were no complications after endoscopic electrocautery. Because of reduced invasion and greater safety, endoscopic electrocautery should be the first choice for patients who require complete surgical treatment of the posterior epistaxis.

Key words : posterior epistaxis, endoscopic electrocautery, surgical treatment


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