Vol. 95 No. 8  August 2002

A Case of Asymptomatic Meningoencephalocele 
in Sphenoethmoidal Sinus

Masayuki Kabeya and Sugata Takahashi
(Niigata University)

Mitsuru Fujiwara
(Niigata Prefectural Central Hospital)

Masami Urano
(Saiseikai Niigata Daini Hospital)

       Asymptomatic sphenoid abnormality in a 55-year-old female was detected on brain magnetic resonance imaging during a medical check-up. Local and radiological findings suggested a meningoencephalocele, but these modalities could not identify an apparent bony defect in the skull base or communication with the brain. Endonasal endoscopic sphenoidal antrostomy was performed to establish a definitive diagnosis. Membranous pulsation, which suggested dura mater, was found on penetration of the anterior bony wall. Serous fluid containing glucose was collected with a fine needle puncture, establishing a diagnosis of meningoencephalocele. The puncture hole was sealed with mucosa from the ipsilateral inferior turbinate. When asymptomatic paranasal meningoencephalocele is suspected by computed tomography scanning and magnetic resonance imaging, a minimally invasive endoscopic approach is recommended to establish a definitive diagnosis.

Key words : asymptomatic meningoencephalocele, sphenoethmoidal sinus, endoscopic approach


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