Vol. 95 No. 8  August 2002

Image of the Normal Ear Using "3DX Multi-Image Micro CT"

Naoaki Yanagihara, Seiji Nakamura, Hiroshi Furutaguchi, 
Toshiyuki Hinohira and Kazuomi Yamada                         
(Takanoko Hospital)

       "3DX Multi-Image Micro CT" is a new compact three dimensional X-ray CT that is incorporated with the limited cone beam X-ray CT (Ortho-CT). Using a very sensitive image intensifier, 512 projection images in a cylinder with a height of 30 mm and a diameter of 40 mm are stored as mass volume data in a personal computer. On the monitor, the axial, coronal and sagittal CT images are simultaneously displayed in a window by processing the stored data. Two cursors crossing at a right angle on each CT window indicate planes of the slices of the other two CT windows. By dragging the cursors the plane of the slices changes and the CT images move according to the structural change. Considering the size of the cylinder, we thought that the ear would be a suitable structure to investigate using this new type of imaging technology. The paper describes the principle of the system and direction of slices to obtain CTs showing fine structures of the normal middle and inner ear. Using the middle ear slice the ossicular chain and the structures of the middle ear wall such as the facial canal and oval and round window niches are clearly visible on the monitor window. The inner ear slice, the detailed bony structure of the cochlea, vestibule and semicircular canals and the internal auditory canal are discernible. As far as the bony structure is concerned quality of the image is superior to that of conventional CT. Not only for clinical diagnosis, this new imaging technology is useful to investigate and to teach both anatomy and pathology of the ear.

Key words : CT of the ear, cone beam CT of the ear, three dimensional CT of the ear


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