Vol. 99  No. 11  November  2006

Examination of MRI and Histopathological Findings 
of Hematocele in the Maxillary Sinus

Shinpei Nagato, Kazuma Sugahara, Koichi Watanuki, Kuniyoshi Tanaka, 
Takefumi Mikuriya, Makoto Hashimoto, Hiroaki Shimogori and Hiroshi Yamashita
(Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine)


  It is known that MRI imaging shows multiple findings in patients with hematocele of the maxillary sinus. Therefore, the diagnosis of hematocele is difficult with only imaging examination. In the present study, the relationships between MRI findings and histopathological findings were examind in 5 patients with hematocele in the maxillary sinus. MRI examinations showed various intensities in the lesions. The portions which showed the highest intensities in T2 enhanced images and which also showed a contrasted effect were diagnosed as old hematomas on histopathological examination. In contrast, the portions which did not show a contrasted effect were diagnosed as connective tissues and irritated mucosa. The portions which showed the high intensities in both T1 and T2 enhanced images were located in the peripheral region of the maxillary sinus and were diagnosed as swollen mucosa with inflamation. These results suggest that the findings of MRI imaging can provide surgeons with much information. Therefore, MRI examination may be important in preoperative diagnosis.

Key words : MRI, hematocele, maxillary sinus

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