Vol. 99  No. 11  November  2006

A Case of Epiglottitis Associated with 
Tsutsugamushi Disease

Hiromi Nagano
(Kagoshima Red Cross Hospital)

  The case was a 74-year-old man who presented with fever and sore throat. As previous treatment, an internal antiphlogistic had been administered, but subjective symptoms were not improved, and consciousness and blood pressure gradually decreased. The patient was transported by helicopter from a remote island to our hospital. He was diagnosed with acute epiglottitis from local findings and a tracheostomy was not performed. The symptoms and inflammatory reaction subsided with fluoroquinolones and was diagnosed as tsutsugamushi infection from seroreaction. Acute epiglottitis cases unresponsive to antibiotics in tsutsugamushi outbreak areas should be considered for tsutsugamushi for discrimination.

Key words: epiglottitis, Tsutsugamushi, sore throat, helicopter

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