Vol. 99  No. 11  November  2006

The Efficacy of Early Treatment by Ramatroban 
in Combination with Antihistamine in Patients 
with Japanese Cedar Pollinosis

Satoshi Seno, Masayuki Shibayama, Masahiko Arikata, 
Ichiro Tojima, Masakazu Hanamitsu and Takashi Shimizu
(Shiga University of Medical Science)
Takao Ogawa
(Nagahama Red Cross Hospital)
Jin Hoshi
(Hino Memorial Hospital)
Fumika Fujita
(Fujita Clinic)

    We evaluated the efficacy of early treatment by ramatroban and antihistamine in patients with Japanese cedar pollinosis by comparing treatment before the start of the pollen season and treatment after the pollen had been dispersed. A pollinosis diary and Japanese allergic rhinitis standard QOL questionnaire (JRQLQ No. 1 and No. 2) were used to evaluate the effectiveness.
Huge amounts of Japanese cedar pollen and Japanese cypress pollen were disseminated in Shiga prefecture in 2005. The nasal symptom score, medication score, and symptom medication score showed better outcomes in the early treatment group not only during the Japanese cedar pollen season but also the Japanese cypress pollen compared to the other group. The early treatment group also showed better results in every category of JRQLQ No. 1 and No. 2 compared with the late treatment group. No harmful side effects were observed through the course of this study.
We concluded that early treatment by ramatroban in combination with antihistamine in patients with Japanese cedar pollinosis was useful not only for improving symptoms but also retaining the quality of life during such a heavy pollen-producing year.

Key words :
early treatment, ramatroban, Japanese cedar pollinosis, nasal allergy

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