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Control Jacquard by USB Devices (Memory Drive, Floppy Drive etc.)
Select Jacquard Needle directly with USB Devices (Memory Drive, Floppy Drive etc.) which made by Design System.
It is unnecessary to make up Punching Card for Mechanical Jacquard. Be able to begin weaving immediately if there is Jacquard Data.
It is the operatable to exchange Mechanical Jacquard for Our Products.

Electronically Controller for Dobby:T-DBY

Your mechanical Dobby immediately turn into electro-controlled Dobby by simpley attaching T-DBY.
Materialize to controll by USB mamory drive instend of Film Punching Card.
Can make a pattern with 10000 cards over, it's difficult work in Film Punching Card.
Design various pattern with repeating more than one pattern by Special Design System - T-DBY-MK.
Dobby's Needle Selection

Rationalization of factory operation

    Confirm a pattern at once making pattern,
    releasing hard work which is making film punching Card.

Design new pattern

    Make a complex pattern can not make in film punching card.
    Blow new breath to the exist pattern.

Control Program

Large capacity controller

    There is large capacity of Hard Disk and Memory,
    so keep many pattern.
    The maxium card of one pattern is 100,000 cards.
    Output over 100,000 cards by Layout format.


Display Film Punching Card

    Make your design with the same sense as Film Punching Card.

Suitable for multiple requirements

    Put some pattern together
    by "Layout, substitution, and repeat function"
    to make new design pattern easily.
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