Communing with Nature

Kawahigashi City Road

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Kacho no Yosei

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We have chosen the theme of Hiranosawaike Pond
easy to familiarize yourself with,fresh air,and the opportunity to come in contact with plants and animals.

Mizudori(waterfowl)Road is a road that is kind to nature.
A road with a waterside promenade where you can come in contact with various waterfowl.(Kawahigashi City Road)

Starting with a crossway where you can bird watch,there are many facilities where you can take your fill of nature.

Here is a road map.


A prominent bird watching area in Kyoto Prefecture,it is also the native habitat of the Oni Lotus plant.

If you want to stretch your legs a little bit,

there are lots of areas that you can discover like the sweet smelling Yawaragi no Michi or Sakura Koen Park where 28 different kinds of cherry blossoms bloom at different times. Go back in time to the ruins of the Tamba Kokubunji Temple,theKurumazukakofun Burial Mound(a burial mound shaped squarely in the front and rounded in the back),or connect with God at the Izumodaijinguu Shrine.

However,sometimes you want a change of scene.Why don't you commune with nature?
The cute waterfowl have come out to meet you.

Mizudori no Michi - Waterfowl Road

Four seasons of beauty,the overflowing world of nature

Vivid reflections-Hiranosawaike Pond

Constantry gurgling,a pair of waterfowl swim and play

A flock of waterfowl;resting,drifting

The song of the wild birds echo by the lakeside


All of life is held in common

Clear air and water bring forth various shades of green

Irreplaceable Hiranosawaike Pond

It must not be lost in the name of modernization

A pond and water path that gently expresses history and the scenic atmosphere

Nature and plastic,classic and modern melt together


It teaches us of life's importance

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