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Maze Box

Here are many kinds of mazes. You will get lost.

My best selections

Cherry Blossom * A twin cherry trees.
Baby bird * Baby bird. "piyo piyo piyo..."
Kabuto(Folding paper) ** An image of folding paper (a kind of helmet).
WWW ** It's just WWW.
Chinese character [Tea] ** This means [Tea]. It pronounces "cha" in Japanese.
Chinese character [Capital] ** This means [Capital]. Do you know Kyoto in Japan?
Dolphines ** Three dolphines jump over the sea.
Nazca's Line *** Nazca's Line
Chocolate *** Go on the white chocolate path from start to goal.
Ski jump *** Jumps to the sky.
Top *** Japanese top
Brick *** Go through the boundary of the bricks.
Tile **** Pattern of tiles
Zigsaw puzzle **** A maze of zigsaw puzzle

Here are a lot of mazes...

Maze Box13
Maze Box12
Maze Box11
Maze Box10
Maze Box9 (Caution)
Maze Box8 (Night)
Maze Box6 (Ancient)
Maze Box5 (Four seasons 2)
Maze Box4 (Four seasons)
Maze Box2
Maze Box

Divided maze

Bean tree
The sea

JavaScript maze(for Netscape4.0)

Please use Netscape4.0
Save the 'kyorochan' *** Netscape4.0 only.
Save the 'kyorochan' 2 *** Netscape4.0 only.

JavaScript maze

Please use Netscape3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0.
Chocoball Bird(8x10) *** Netscape3.0 only.
Divided Maze (10x7) *** Netscape3.0 only.
Jamascript *** Netscape3.0 only. Blue blocks will block your way.
Irritating maze *** Irritating maze. Don't touch black blocks.
One way **** Don't go against one way.
Time trial ***** Goal in a minute.


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Last update: Mar.18 2001