Who is Kazuho KAWAI?

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Self Introduction

  • Name

    I am Kazuho Kawai. Kazuho is the given name, and Kawai is the family name. Most Japanese have no middle name, and I do not. If you have Japanse font in your computer, you can read my name in Chinese charactor "͍". First two charactors (4bytes, because One Chinese charactor need 2bytes) are Kawai, and last two charactors are Kazuho. As you know, in Japan you write (or pronounce) the family name first, and then the given name.

  • Data

    I was born on September 24, 1963 in Kyoto. So I am 33 years old.

    I am married, have no child yet.
    We live in Iwakura, outskirt of Kyoto city.

  • Hobby

    Playing Piano; I like to play famous classical music.
    Listning percussion ensemble
    Close-up Magic
    Riding a motor-bike; I like half day touring.
    Human powered aircraft; I was one of the first organizers of the Kyoto Univ. birdman team 'Shooting Stars', and now I am a superviser of the team.

  • Job I am a Instructor in Ogino's laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University. My major is transport phenomena in rotating flow.

    Now I'm searching a position where I can study ornithopters.
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