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  • Human Powered Aircraft

    Nihon University Aero Student Group (English)

    And its links

    Mailing List (Japanese)
    [BM]F Write to with # guide as contents to get a guidance mail. (auto)

    BBS (Japanese)
    NiftyserveF faeros 17th room
    (Any member of the BBS Niftyserve can enter the room)

  • Human Powered Vehicle

    International Human Powered Vehicle Association (English)

    And its links

    Mailing List (English)
    HPV ML: Write to for information
    For joining adress is with subject:append. (auto)

  • Ornithopter

    Flapping Wings! The Ornithopter Home Page (English)

    And its links

    Ornithopter Group of Virtual Mecha Park Project in Kyusyu Univ.(Japanese)

    Mailing List (English)
    OMSLIST: Write to Nathan Chronister( to join.

    Mailing List (Japanese)
    flap: Write to Kazuho KAWAI( join.

    <Various Sources>

  • Research of Flapping in Japan

  • Misc. about Ornithopter

  • Human Powered Aircraft

    University group in Japan

    Indivisual Home Page

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