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Stop Commercial Mail!!

I publish e-mail address only at web pages in this site. I have never posted net news and never posted Bulettin Board. Because I want to my e-mail address keep for private line.

But why I receive so much commercial mail?

Commercial Mail is Bomb
Your commercial mail make stupid persons to think commercial mail is allowed in the Internet. So everyday the numbers of people who post comercial mail increase, and every minites the numbers of direct mail increase.

I can't deal so much junk mails every day!!

<<Commercial mail is equal to mail bomb or chain mail.>>
It is a capital crime in the Internet.

My responce to commercial mails
Every time I receive commercial mail I post a complainment mail. If you receive my mail you have to answer where you find my e-mail address and why you post commercial mail in three days. If you ignore it, I request the postmaster of your site to delete your mail account.

You should know...
You should know commercial mail is violence. Your violence to other people may make violence to you as revenge. Your mail bomb (commercial mail) should return as real mail bomb to you, and your hard disk or your server shoul crash. You shoudn't complain, because you do capital crime.

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