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Articles about Human Powered Aircraft are in Nihon University Aero Student Group.

Human Powered Ornithopter

K. Kawai, (M. Harada)., Man as a Locomotive Engine., Proc. 1994 International Human-Powered Flight Symposium, pp.6-1 - 6-4, 1994
Measured result of characteristic of the power of rowing action and discussion about application of rowing motion to human powered ornithopter.

(M. Harada), K. Kawai., Estimation of the Required Power in a Man Powered Ornithopter., Proc. 1994 International Human-Powered Flight Symposium, pp.7-1 - 7-4, 1994
Estimation of power to flapping flight with momentum theory, and the effect of the span ratio of flapping wing and fixed wing on the required power and flapping frequency. Expanded theory is here. (under construction)

Two articles above are actually written by Masashi Harada and me. But, some difficulties prevented us from copyright by Harada.

Beranek, L., Der Schwingenflug, eine Technische Realitat., Deutsche Flugtechnik, Bd. 1, 1959
This article is not in Japanese libraries. Please give me information about it.

*Lippisch, A.M., Man Powered Flight in 1929., Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, vol.64, July 1960, pp.395-398
Technical report of their human powered ornithopter. The flight distances with catapult were about 250 - 300 m.
photo in Nihon University Aero Student Group.

*Man-powered Aircraft A-Coming., Science and Mechanics, April 1960, pp.106-108
Hartmann's flight with catapult.

*Wilkie D.R., The Work Output of Animals: flight by birds and by manpower., Nature, vol.183, 1959, pp.1515-1516
Discussion of feasibility of human powered flight with the relation of mass and power of animals.

*Akira AZUMA, Mokei Koukuuki to Tako no Kagaku (Science in Model Airplane and Kite), Denpa Jikkensya,1992, ISBN4-924518-32-8, pp.154-156
Estimation of required flapping frequency for human powered flapping flight with the relation of mass and flapping frequency of animals. etc.

Aerodynamics on Flapping

This list is limited to one concerned with airplane.

Albano, E., Rodden, W.P., A Doublet-Lattice Method for Calculating Lift Distributions on Oscillating Surfaces in Subsonic Flows., AIAA Journal, vol. 7, 1969, p.2192

*Bennet, A.G., Jr., A Preliminary Study of Ornithopter Aerodynamics University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Order No. 70-20922, 1970

Betteridge, D.S. and Archer, R.D., A Study of the Mechanics of Flapping Wings, Aeronaut Q., 1974, pp.129-142

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Brooks, A.N., MacCready P.B., Lissaman, P.B.S. and Morgan, W.R., Development of a Wing-Flapping Flying Replica of the Largest Pterosaur, AIAA Paper 85-1446, 1985

*Dahlin, K., A Quest for Flapping Wings., University of Toronto Magazine, Summer1989, pp.12-13

*DeLaurier, J.D. and Harris, J. M., Experimental Study of Oscillating-Wing Propulsion., AIAA Paper 82-4107, May 1982
illustration of DeLaurie's ornithopter

DeLaurier, J.D., Drag of Wings with Cambered Aerofoils and Partial Leading-Edge Suction., J Aircr., vol.20, October 1983, pp.145-164

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Univ. of Toronto, Inst. for Aerospace Studies, Toronto, Canada, TN 226, July

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