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(Some of the pages are written in Japanese)

I was lived in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia from Jul.1997 to Sep.2000.
What I felt during my stay were shown below.
I'm already back to Japan.

(You better buy a guide book of Malaysia)
I don't intend to make this webpages as travellers guide book.
If you want, go straight to book shop.
But there're few information for Bintulu or Sarawak,
so I sometimes tried to introduce if I felt like to do so for Bintulu.

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* As my Diary

* Photo and People

* Life in Bintulu

Rate: 1 US$ = 2.55 RM(Ringgit Malaysia) on 15 July 1997
BUT, Rate: 1 US$ = 4.5 RM on Jan. 1998
AND, Rate: 1 US$ = 3.8 RM on Dec. 1998 Fixed

* Misc about Malaysia

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