Online Higher Ed. Pioneer Anaheim University Elated over U.S. Dept. of Education Report

- Anaheim, California

Online learning students outperforming on-campus students! Who would believe it? The answer is the U.S. Department of Education. The U.S. Department of Education's 'Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning' released in June 2009 found definite advantages of online education over face-to-face instruction. According to the Department of Education study, online learning students, on average, performed better and spent more time on task than students studying face-to-face. The study favored online learning in nearly every area explored, including meeting learning objectives.

In an Internet posting, Anaheim University online student Melissa Tan concurred with the findings, saying, "The format for the online classes allows you to interact with professors and students from all over the world, and I find myself being more engaged and discussing the issues more deeply than I ever have had the chance to do in a face-to-face class."

Anaheim University's Chancellor Dr. Garnet Birch, spent the last 40 years of his career in senior positions in higher ed. administration with a number of California's larger private universities. Dr. Birch stated, "I'm so excited that the Department of Education and the Secretary of Education have confirmed what we have been aware of at Anaheim University for over a decade. If you hire expert professors to teach online and recruit highly qualified students from around the world, you can expect to see results that are not only equal to what you might find in a regional on-campus based program, but superior. America needs a 21st Century approach towards higher education that matches the lifestyles of young homemakers, teachers and business people who are pursuing their education while working and fulfilling their family responsibilities at the same time. We are ecstatic to see that the U.S. Dept. of Education has found that online education is every bit as effective as on-campus education. We have seen first-hand our graduates out-perform their peers in the workplace and this report is in line with what we have experienced."

Department of Education Report

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