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Wagner: Tristan and Isolde overture and death of love

[AVRO No.] ?
[LP] ADCD-103
[CD] Jap. King Records KICC-2054 (6)
Concertgebouworkest, Amsterdam
recorded on Thu. March 18, 1943, at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

This recording was reassigned to Pierre Monteaux with COA. Please refer to the following e-mail written by Samir Golescu to Eric Derom. (TH)

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 13:05:17 -0500 (CDT)
From: samir ghiocel golescu
To: eric.derom@rug.ac.be
Cc: checker@clark.net
Subject: Re: Mengelberg - Tristan

> Nice to have the occasion to mail you for the first time. You have
> the reputation of knowing all Mengeberg recordings. I am unaware
> that there are two recordings of the Tristan prelude & Liebestod.
> Could you tell me more about that? Lables, dates, etc...?
> I believe there are several lables claiming to have the Tristan
> Prelude on LP or CD. I have one or two of these. Honestly, I never
> compared them thoroughly, but I alwways supposed that they were
> the same. Is there any evidence that there are differences? And if
> so, can you identifiy them? In one of the recordings I have, the
> falsification is a very obvious, as has been pointed out by members
> of the Dutch Mengelberg Society. I believe that in the Michael
> Thomas recording (or was it another Japanese label), you clearly
> hear that the source used to let hear Mengelberg knocking the
> desk with his batton is different from the source from which the
> music originates. Two different sources are put together, that is not
> difficult to hear at all (differences in hiss, an a clear joint of two
> tapes). Listening to the differrent Tristan prelude recordings with the
> Concertgebouw in the archives of Holland Radio, Johan Maarsingh
> discovered that what has been claimed to be conducted by
> Mengelberg, was exactly the same recording the have in the
> archives, but conducted by Pierre Monteux in 1952. I am waiting for
> your undoubtedly interesting reply.
Title:Berlioz: Damnation of Faust three experts
[AVRO No.] HM-0122
[LP] Curtain Call CC234 (2-B-3)
Concertgebouworkest, Amsterdam
recorded on Sun. March 12, 1943, at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

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