(August 14, 1997)

On a summer day, in a northern mountain of Kyoto City.
Shiro Shirai(A fictitious name. 19 years old), a student of Senbon University, was riding new motor bicycle along a silent trail toward the Sea of Japan.
It was his first long tour by motor bike, and the first accident occurred to him. A child of raccoon dog rushed suddenly to the street. Shiro succeeded to dodge it, but fell down and broke his leg!

'Why? Why raccoon dog? Aren't they nocturnal?'
Feeling a sever pain, he wondered.

'Ef-fo, Ef-fo, Ef-fo,...'
He heard shouts approaching to him.
'Oh, I will be rescued!'
In a joy he looked toward to the shout, and was surprised. There were two raccoon dogs carrying a KAGO, palanquin. Of course they were standing like a human being!


They stopped before Shiro who was stunned at them.
That was not all.
From inside the KAGO, a fat raccoon dog wearing a white coat came out. He had a syringe in his hand.
In a fear Shiro tried to run away, but palanquin bearing two raccoon dogs held him down, and the fat raccoon dog with a syringe approached to him.
Shiro fainted when the fat raccoon dog injected something into his broken leg.

A Medical RACCOON DOG...

When Shiro recovered his consciousness, he found himself lying beside his broken motorbike on the shoulder of the road where he fell down.
To his surprise, his leg was completely healed and there was no scar on his body. Moreover, only 10 minutes had passed since his crash.

What did the Medical Raccoon Dog to him? Was it nothing but an illusion?

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