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Members (Number of members)

1. Regular members (759)

Criteria for membership : Individuals such as researchers, scholars or who have experience of vitamins and biofactors.
The membership fee is 10,000 yen a year.

2. Supporting members (37)
Criteria for membership : Those persons, companies or corporations who approve of the aims of VSJ and support VSJ.
The membership fee is a unit (50,000 yen a year) or more.

3. Corporation members (135)
Criteria for membership : Groups or corporations such as research laboratories, hospitals, libraries, and so forth.
The membership fee is 16,000 yen a year.

4. Honorary members (8)
Criteria for membership : Those persons who have greatly contributed to VSJ or the development of vitaminology .

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The Vitamin Society of Japan
Address : Nihon Italia Kaikan , 4 Ushinomiya-Yoshida, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8302, Japan
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Fax. : +81-75-751-2870

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