The Vitamin Society of Japan ( VSJ ) was established on May 28, 1949 to promote research into vitamins and vitamin-related coenzymes.
Since then VSJ has led the study of vitamins and related biofactors as a unique scientific society.
VSJ has contributed to research into water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins including the discovery, synthesis and medical application of their active derivatives, molecular biology of their physiological functions, their biosyntheses and transport mechanisms in organisms, vitamin-related metabolic disorders, molecular dynamics of the catalytic function of vitamin-related coenzymes, their industrial production, and so forth.
The research into vitamins and biofactors has been extended so as to include the fields of cancer research, immunology, gene engineering, biotechnology, and several others.
We are promoting the welfare and happiness of people by accelerating the study of vitamins and biofactors.
The society has a membership of about one thousand, and would like you to join and play an active role in it.
The Aims and Activities of the Society.
Regular Member Privileges
Member Profiless
The Organization of the Society
The Vitamin Society of Japan
Address : Nihon Italia Kaikan , 4 Ushinomiya-Yoshida, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8302, Japan
E-mail :
Fax. : +81-75-751-2870

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