Vol. 101  No. July  2008

A Case of Rhinosporidiosis

Hitoshi Okumura and Sugata Takahashi
(Niigata University, School of Medicine)

Hajime Ohtaki
(Niigata City General Hospital)

Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic granulomatous disease that commonly affects the nasal mucosa and ocular conjunctiva. The disease is endemic in southern India and Sri Lanka. In Japan, it is extremely rare, however, with a significant number of foreign workers from endemic regions, this uncommon disease may be observed more frequently in the future. Therefore, it is important to recognize the clinical features and pathogenesis of this disease.
We recently managed a case of rhinosporidiosis that presented with left-sided epistaxis. The diagnosis was confirmed by histological examination. Wide surgical incision was performed and there was no recurrence during the follow-up period.

Key words :rhinosporidiosis, Rhinosporidium seeberi, surgical incision

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