Vol. 101   No.7  July@2008



  • Epidemiology of Japanese Cedar Pollinosis
    -Prevalence and Sensitization Rate-
T. Harada
  • Petrous Apex Cholesteatoma Operated by Translabyrinthine Approach
M. Miura, et al.
  • A Case of Meningeal Carcinomatosis Presenting with 
    Bilateral Progressive Sensorineural Hearing Loss
T. Kondo, et al.
  • Classification of Horizontal Canal Positional Vertigo   [abstract]
H. Ichijo 
  • A Case of Rhinosporidiosis   [abstract]
H. Okumura, et al.
  • A Case Report of an Oncocytoma Occurring 
    in the Lacrimal Sac
M. Kawabata, et al.
  • Sinonasal Inverted Papilloma with New Bone Formation [abstract]
K. Honda, et al.
  • Chondroma of the Larynx: A Case Report   [abstract]
Y. Hasegawa, et al.
  • A Case of Cystic Lymphangioma in an Infant Treated with 
    OK-432 Sclerotherapy Requiring Endotracheal Intubation   
H. Moteki, et al.
  • Clinical Experience with a CyberKnife in the 
    Treatment of Head and Neck Tumors
K. Noda, et al.
  • Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis Accompanying Head 
    and Neck Cancers: Clinical Aspects of 9 Cases
S. Nishiike, et al.
  • A Case of Toxic Shock-like Syndrome due to Group 
    A Streptococcal Infection of a Neck Lesion
H. Usubuchi, et al.
  • Communication Style and Skill to Patients with the Sensory Disorders
N. Kubo
  • Antral Puncture and Sinus Irrigation for Patients with Sinusitis
M. Isono, et al.