Vol. 101  No. July  2008

Chondroma of the Larynx: A Case Report

Yoichi Hasegawa, Kenji Hattori, Yoshihiro Uno and Suzuyo Okazaki
(Sumitomo Hospital)

Benign cartilaginous tumor of the larynx is an uncommon neoplasm comprising less than 1% of all laryngeal tumors. The most common region is the cricoid cartilage. In most reports, conservative surgery to preserve the larynx has been regarded as reasonable because of the slow growth of this tumor. We report a case of chondroma originating in the cricoid cartilage with review of the literature. A 72-year-old male was referred to our hospital because of dyspnea and hoarseness. Pulmonary function study demonstrated an obstructive pattern of the upper airway. CT scanning showed a subglottic mass involving the cricoid cartilage and laryngoscopy demonstrated a submucosal tumor. We resected the tumor with a laryngofissure approach. Consequently, the pathological diagnosis was laryngeal chondroma. Although this patient has not shown any reccurence to date, strict observation is required due to the high recurrence risk.

Key words :chondroma, larynx

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