Vol. 98  No. August 2005

A Case Report of Postoperative Choanal Stenosis           

Masayuki Karaki, Rieko Goto and Nozomu Mori
(Kagawa University Faculty of Medicine)

      A case report on acquired posterior choanal stenosis after nasal polypotomy is presented. A 84-year-old male was treated by transnasal endoscopic surgery for acquired bilateral choanal stenosis arising after nasal polypotomy performed in his youth. An intranasal silicone stent was placed to allow nasal breathing, to maintain the newly constructed lumen, and to avoid restenosis of the choana. No adverse postoperative complication occurred. Acquired posterior choanal stenosis, a rare complication after nasal polypotomy, can be successfully treated by transnasal endoscopic surgery.

Key words : acquired choanal stenosis, nasal polypotomy, transnasal endoscopic surgery


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