Vol. 98  No. August 2005

Case Report; Follicular Dental Cyst          

Koji Ebisumoto, Shigeko Takemoto, Koichi Watanuki, 
 Hiroaki Shimogori and Hiroshi Yamashita                      
(Yamaguchi University School of Medicine)
Yoshiko Matsuda
(Mine Public Hospital)

      Follicular dental cysts are caused by enamel epithelium around the crown of the tooth. We treated a case of follicular dental cyst, with purulent inflammation causing maxillodental gingival fistula.
     Radiograph and CT imaging showed a partial bone deficit in the left maxilla, and the impacted tooth located in the membranate area was considered to be a maxillodental wisdom tooth.
     The cyst was enucleated by surgery, and the post operative course has been good.

Key words : follicular dental cyst, gingival fistula, impacted tooth, wisdom tooth


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