Vol. 98  No. August 2005

A Case with Idiopathic Pharyngeal Stenosis           

Kenya Inukai and Yutaka Sugiyama
(Saiseikai Kawaguchi General Hospital)
Kousuke Ishii and Masanori Yamamoto
(Omiya Medical Center, Jichi Medical School)

      A 76-year-old female, who had been suffering from recurrent aphthae for about two years, visited our otolaryngology clinic on November 26, 2001, with sore throat and dysphagia.
     About two years later, stenosis of the pharynx appeared. We administered rebamipide, and azelastine hydrochloride. The stenosis disappeared and a large ulcer appeared. We added prednisolone and the ulcer also disappeared.
     Although recurrent aphthous stomatitis is not such an uncommon disease, secondary stenosis of the pharynx is very rare.

Key words : recurrent aphthae, rebamipide, azelastine


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