Vol. 98  No. August 2005

Desmoid Tumor in the Neck: A Case Report          

Daizo Taguchi, Hideyuki Kataoka, Kensaku Hasegawa, 
Eiji Takeuchi, Katsuyuki Kawamoto and Hiroya Kitano 
(Tottori University Faculty of Medicine)

      Desmoid tumor is histologically benign, but tends to invade surrounding tissues and often recurs locally. Tumor resection with an ample safety margin is thus necessary.
     A 57-year-old man presented with a large, elastic hard, fixed and non-tender mass in the right supraclavicular fossa. Computed tomography revealed a large mass of about 6 cm diameter in the right supraclavicular fossa. Excision was attempted, but the tumor was strongly adherent to the brachial plexus and the circumference organization. The nerve was thus preserved within the surrounding tumor and tumor volume was reduced. Pathological diagnosis was extra-abdominal desmoid tumor. Postoperatively, irradiation with a total dose of 60 Gy was performed. At present, the size of the tumor has remained reduced.
     Desmoid tumor of the area around the brachial plexus is very rare, but must be considered when dealing with tumors in this area.

Key words : desmoid tumor, supraclavicular fossa, brachial plexus


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