Vol. 98  No. August 2005

Chondroblastomas of the Temporal Bone: 
A Review of Two Cases

Masako Uno, Takeshi Akisada, Teruhito Aihara, 
Kenji Fukutsuji and Tamotsu Harada                  
(Kawasaki Medical School)

      Chondroblastoma is a benign tumor that derived from immature cartilage cells, typically occurring in epiphyses of the long bones. This lesion accounts for only 1% of all tumors in the bones but uncommonly occurs in the temporal bones. Recently, we encountered two case of chondroblastoma arising from temporal bones. The first case was a 36-year-old male who complained of a trismus and the second was a 16-year-old female who complained of right hearing loss. Both cases underwent resection of the tumor. An additional operation was required in the first case. In general, surgical treatment is effective for chondroblastoma. Complete removal of chondroblastoma in the temporal bone is very difficult. Therefore, long and careful postoperative follow-up is necessary for these cases.

Key words : Chondroblastoma, temporal bone


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