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Critical Thinking Through Re-Writing Comics

Example 2

(1) At a party, there were two guys in tuxedos standing on the porch. One was slim and had dark hair and a mustache, and the other was fat and his hair and mustache were white. Mr. Slim had a glass of champagne in his right hand. Mr. Fat had a glass of wine in his right hand and a bottle of wine in his left hand. Mr. Slim approached Mr. Fat and asked if there was anything new happening in his life. Mr. Fat answered that he had given up smoking.
(2) Mr. Slim expressed surprise and wanted to know when Mr. Fat had quit. Mr. Fat put his glass and bottle aside and answered that it was a week ago. He raised his right hand as if he had a cigarette and added that he was craving for one. His right hand was trembling.
(3) Mr. Slim stopped drinking and took out a cigar. As he lit the cigar, he said that he had heard that the first week was the most difficult period. Mr. Fat heard the sound of a lighter and turned to Mr. Slim angrily as he replied that he hoped so. Mr. Fat then said that he could not continue under so much stress for long without going crazy.
(4) Mr. Slim then asked Mr. Fat if he had tried eating popcorn or chewing gum. Mr. Slim was still smoking and didn't look like he cared a bit that Mr. Fat was suffering from not smoking, so Mr. Fat became mad at him. Mr. Fat snatched the cigar from Mr. Slim's hand, saying that he had not tried popcorn or chewing gum, but that he would. He continued by saying that anything was better than being a chain smoker.

(5) Mr. Slim didn't complain about losing his cigar, but he tried to look calm and said that he was happy to hear what Mr. Fat had said. He even cheered Mr. Fat up by telling him not to give up trying to stop smoking. Mr. Fat became so mad that he threw Mr. Slim's cigar on the ground, stomped on it three times, and shouted that he would not give up trying to stop smoking. Mr. Slim, with his arms crossed, could only smile and say "Good!"

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