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Critical Thinking Through Re-Writing Comics

Example 1

Clint has just returned to his parked car ...
(1) When Clint - a young American wearing a T-shirt and cowboy hat - returned to his parked car, a policeman approached and asked to see Clint's driving license. Clint willingly agreed and showed it to him.

(2) Without smiling, the policeman was writing something down and told Clint that he would have to pay a fine of \50,000. It was because Clint had parked where he shouldn't.

(3) Clint was so shocked that he shouted "What!" He then explained that he didn't know that parking was not allowed there.

(4) The policeman put his hands on his waist, and looking very serious, asked Clint how many times he had broken the law. Cold sweat emerged from Clint's cowboy hat, and he answered very strongly that he had never done so. His shoulders were raised because he was tense.

(5) When the policeman heard Clint's reply, he said that since it was Clint's first time, he would let him off with only a warning. However, he then frightened Clint by saying "But next time ...." Clint moved back toward his car and, scared to death, declared that there would not be a next time. He did, however, remember to be polite and said "Thanks!"

Chieko Hashi


Example 1

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