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1. Community Development Machizukuri for Restoration

What is Community Development Machizukuri for Restoration?

Flow of Machizukuri organization
 Community Development Machizukuri for Restoration refers to the machizukuri system used for restoration after the Hanshin Great Earthquake. Machizukuri is conducted by citizens of each neighborhood.
 The main components are:

Activities of the Machizukuri Organizations:

 Machizukuri organizations had already existed in Kobe City before the earthquake. Machizukuri organizations in 12 districts had been authorized under the Kobe City Machizukuri Ordinance. Many of these organizations had undertaken neighborhood improvement projects. The earthquake illustrated the effectiveness of Machizukuri activities.
 After the Earthquake, more than 100 machizukuri organizations were formed in damaged areas. They have served to articulate the wishes of the residents and to submit proposals to the City government. The activities of the organization were encouraged by , especially in the project districts such as land readjustment areas or redevelopment project areas. Machizukuri organizations were also formed in so called "White Zones", seriously damaged areas where land readjustment and redevelopment were not proposed. This system helps residents to cope with the problems by cooperating in the rebuilding of their area.

The collaborative approach to reconstruction and reconstruction of damaged housing and condominiums:

 The damage was more severe in the inner city, where reconstruction of the buildings on very narrow and small sites, or without access to public streets is difficult. Joint or collaborative rebuilding is a effective way to overcome these problems. People cooperated in reconstruction by pooling and adjusting their individual properties or property rights. 170 or more destroyed or damaged condominiums have been rebuilt by owners who organized rebuilding associations to undertake reconstruction while adjusting ownership patterns or other property rights.

Activities of the supporting network:

 After the Earthquake, networks of machizukuri planners, architects, researchers in universities, lawyers and other specialists were established to support machizukuri activities. They have played significant roles in promoting restoration by providing technical assistance to victims, machizukuri organizations and owners undertaking joint housing projects. Some networks exchange information regularly, others hold symposia or give advice on rebuilding collaborating among networks. Their goal is to meet the needs of the residents and promote restoration.
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