Vol. 100  No. 11 November  2007

Rapid Preparation of Burow's Solution for the Treatment of Intractable 
Chronic Suppurative Disease of the External Ear Canal and Middle Ear

Tomohisa Hirai, Noriyuki Fukushima, Kunihiko Ono, 
Keishin Go, Masaaki Hajima and Shin Masuda
(Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital)

   We evaluated the effectiveness of Burow's solution prepared by the rapid preparation method for the treatment of intractable chronic suppurative disease of the external ear canal and middle ear.
We examined 34 ears of 29 patients ranging from 1 to 84 years of age. There were 19 males and 10 females with disease persisting for a range of 1 month-50 years. The disease and number of ears were as follows; chronic granulated myringitis (8 ears), chronic otorrhea caused by ventilation tubes (6 ears), chronic otitis media with perforation (6 ears), chronic otitis externa (5 ears), postoperative mastoid cavity problems (5 ears) and fungal otitis exrerna (4 ears).
Burow's solution prepared by the rapid preparation method was dripped into the ear canal for about 15 minutes or small cotton balls soaked with the solution were applied directly to the lesion.
Overall, 19 (61%) of 31 ears were cured, 7 (23%) were improved. The newly developed Burow's solution showed almost the same effectiveness in the treatment of the chronic granulated myringitis and chronic otitis externa (67-100%), but was not effective for the treatment of chronic otitis media with perforation (33%).

Key words : rapid preparation, burow's solution, treatment

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