Vol. 100   No.11  November@2007



  • Regeneration of the Chorda Tympani Nerve and 
    Fungiform Papillae after Middle Ear Surgery

T. Saito
  • Imaging of Deep Neck Infection
S. Kikuchi, et al.
  • Petrous Bone Cholesteatoma with Sudden Leakage of CSF: A Case Report [abstract]
A. Asahi, et al.
  • A Case of Otogenic Brain Abscess   [abstract]
H. Tameno, et al.
  • Bilateral Auricular Pericondritis that Occurred by 
    Relapsing Polychondritis: A Case Report
H. Nagano, et al.
  • A Infant Case of a Chopstick as a Foreign Body in the Parapharyngeal Space  [abstract]
T. Kawano, et al.
  • Acute Sphenoid Sinusitis Associated with Abducens Nerve Palsy  [abstract]
A. Katoh, et al.
  • A Case of Granulocytic Sarcoma in the Tongue   [abstract]
K. Nomura, et al.
  • A Case of Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of the Parotid Gland   [abstract]
R. Yoneda, et al.
  • A Case of Ectopic Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma in the Lateral Cervical Region   [abstract]
M. Tsuchiya, et al.
  • Six Cases of Cervical Mycobacterial Lymphadenitis and a Case of 
    Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Infection of the Parotid Gland
    -Recent Trends in Mycobacterial Infection-
H. Monobe, et al.
  • Rapid Preparation of Burow's Solution for the Treatment of Intractable 
    Chronic Suppurative Disease of the External Ear Canal and Middle Ear
T. Hirai, et al.
  • Clinical Usefulness of Prophylactic Treatment with Olopatadine Hydrochloride for Japanese Cedar Pollinosis in Ishikawa Prefecture   [abstract]
T. Miwa, et al.
  • The Operation in a Nose is a Form Formation Way of Nasal Cavity   


M. Yamamoto