Welcome to Kichuudo, the Electronic Mind Buddhist Bookstore

Kichuudo is a bookstore specializing in Buddhist texts, located in historical Kyoto, on Teramachi-doori between Sanjoo and Oike avenues. We have been in business since 1905 (since 1930 at the present location). Our building was constructed in the early Shoowa style, reflecting a Chinese traditional atmosphere. We carry a broad spectrum of works, with no particular sectarian emphasis. We stock new and old works, commentarial works, canonical collections and explanatory works of interest to Buddhist clerics, research specialists as well as beginners. In addition to our numerous works on Japanese Buddhism, we carry works on Chinese, Korean, Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as materials on Taoism and other related philosophical and religious traditions.

Please freely inquire about anything related to Buddhist texts, including new publications, old books, classical works, canonical works, etc. We also purchase old books.
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TEL 81-75-231-2971 FAX 81-75-212-0934
Teramachi Sanjo-kita Nakagyoku Kyoto,Japan 604-8081
KICHUDO:Ryozo Miura
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