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4) Restoration of White Zone

Yutaka Nakai, Ryuichi Nozaki, Kiyoshi Shimizu


Tackling with Machizukuri for restoration in White Zone (4/8/1997)

 In White Zones, although the reconstruction of single family houses has been progressing, the number of applications for building approval is decreasing, and it seems that the peak of housing reconstruction has passed, not two years after the earthquake. However, lots with no buildings on them after demolition are widely scattered throughout damaged areas, and it is a problem which will remain in the future for Machizukuri. Also, the increase in the number of apartment houses and, of a new type of housing which had not existed before has become a new Machizukuri problem during reconstruction. Anyway, as reconstruction is progressing on individual projects, reconstruction from the regional Machizukuri's point of view has not be planned at all. Although over 100 Machizukuri Organizations were established after the earthquake, there are only some organizations in White Zone.
 The Supporters' Network is making plans for approaching restoration in White Zone areas:

Konan and Uozaki Districts in Higashinada-ku (4/8/1997)

Condition of restoration second year in Uozaki and Konan district
 About 60% of the houses in the Konan and Uozaki Districts were partially or completely destroyed. Six months after the earthquake, reconstruction started in only about 10% of these, but one year after the earthquake this percentage reached about 50%, showing the rapid pace of reconstruction. However, it reached only 64% two years after the earthquake and there is the possibility that about 30% may be left as lots with no building on them.
 Joint housing projects have had rough going because of the adjustment of rights in the case of rented houses, and because of economic conditions. Only 3 projects out of 11 that we have supported could be implemented. Huge amounts of energy are necessary to reach an agreement between people who have some rights for land or houses (landlord, rented land/owner-occupied housing, rented house etc,.).
 Finally Machizukuri Organizations have come to have some intercommunication with supporters' groups for local elderly people and trade associations, and not only is housing reconstruction progressing, but also the system by which they plan strong community-based Machizukuri, is being developed. As a result, I guess that people finally understand the necessity of Machizukuri Organizations as a subject of Machizukuri. (Nozaki)

Supporting strategies by Hyogo Prefecture (4/8/1997)

machizukuri for restoration support project
 This is the third year after the earthquake and the rate of reconstruction has been increasing. However, especially in White Zones, in the east part of urban area of Kobe City, there remain small scattered lots with no buildings on them. Therefore even if there are victims who can't reconstruct their houses because of problems such as the small size of their sites or the failure of their sites to face roads:
 The strategies for Hyogo Prefecture about Machizukuri for restoration are to:
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