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5)Kobe Housing and Machizukuri Professionals Consulting

Teruhisa Akashi, Kobe Housing and Machizukuri Center


System of Dispatch of specialists
 Professionals Consultation Service, which was operated by the Kobe Housing and Machizukuri Center, started in July 1995. At the request of residents in the damaged area, Center offered the consultation service to help to draft the joint rebuilding project, and to settle the cases of collaborated reconstruction and reconstruction of condominiums.
 The most of the project system and laws that deal with the community development and reconstruction project are very complicated, highly specialized and technical. People need the consultation by professionals to understand the present situation and difficulties. For example, the consulting team settled the agreements among the right holders for reconstruction of condominiums or other joint projects.
 The most of the built-up area were damaged and it is impossible to deal with individual recovery by only the public sector in terms of man power. Many professionals such as consultants voluntarily stated to support recovery activities immediately after the earthquake. After a while, it appeared that some public financial aid was necessary to support those voluntary consultation work. Thus, the Professionals Consultation Service was established.
 This service is financed both Kobe city and Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake Reconstruction Fund, and they started to the subsidiary project for community development activities together with the consulting.
+ Achievement of Kobe Housing and Machizukuri Center (July8,1996)

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