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16) Kobe Nankinmachi District

Osamu Shirai, Town Space Institute


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machizukuri planning in Nankinmachi district Explanation conference of machines with models in the square Scene of the council at Garyoden

 The Nankinmachi area is one of the Three Great Chinatowns in Japan along with Yokohama and Nagasaki, and is a popular sightseeing spot in Kobe. It is famous for the Spring Festival of the Chinese New Year with the "Dragon Dance". The area is about 160 m from east to west and about 110 m north to south. There are many Chinese restaurants and other exotic restaurants in this area.
 This area was designated as the Nankinmachi Streets Aesthetic Control Area based on the Kobe City Urban Landscape by-law in 1990. Then Kobe Nankinmachi Organization was authorized as a civil group for this area of the aesthetic control in July 1991 (the president is Takashi Bando, the group consists of 138 families).
 The activities of the organization were suspended after the earthquake, but started again in April 1996. In the general meeting held in June 1996, they agreed on their Machizukuri plan, forwarded it to the Kobe local government, and asked the city to support the plan. (July 11) This was the first case after the earthquake.

[Goals of Nankinmachi Machizukuri]

 To create the vivid and lively space with exotic atmosphere.

[Basic Policy for Machizukuri]

[Machizukuri Plan]

 The plan consists of 9 items, including both town development and management plan:
 No. 2 and 4 have already started to be practiced.
 As for No. 1, the discussion on allocating costs among the members of the Organization was started so that this street improvement would be included in the road reconstruction project by Kobe City government.
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