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17) Shoes Gallery Town Concept
−Shin-Nagata Station North District (East Area)−

Mitsuhiro Kubo, Kubo Urban Planning Office

"Ronsyu-Kinmokusei" Vol. 4

Image of shoes gallery
Good circulation system of local industry and life and living environment
 In the Shin-Nagata Station North District (East Area), the community and economic development is discussed as the part of the Land Readjustment plan. During the planning process, they begin to realize the necessity of a common vision of community development for the comprehensive recovery. As the result, 3 concepts were proposed; (1) Ethnic Town, (2) Shoes Gallery Town, (3) Comfortable Residence.
 Nagata is the mixed-use area of residence, local industry and commerce. Rehabilitation of local industries represented by its synthetic shoes industry could be an important resource for attractive community design. New development of the synthetic shoe industry, along with the Ethnic Town Plan could result in increased of visitors and activation of the area. Shoes Gallery Town Plan aims to stimulate innovation needs of medium size enterprises in Nagata and promote community development by creating new marketing systems. A pilot shop has already started. The purpose of this trial is to create commodities with higher added value, promote the local brands and to develop a direct channel to consumers. They also plan to open pilot shops not only in Nagata but also in other major urban districts of Japan with equity participation by outside interests.
 Foot scanner, developed by one of the machine manufacturer in Nagata, is installed in the pilot-shops to provide the appropriate shoe type among the registered shoe type models that the shoemaker produce and they manufacture it according to the order from the shop to sell directly to the consumer. It is believed that 3,000 to 4,000 shoe type models are made available if all shoes makers in Nagata participate. In that case, mail order sale will be possible,
 This system will make it possible to offer quality as high as custom made at ready-made prices. Nagata will be able to develop its own distribution channel.
 Activation of local industry has to proceed simultaneously with community development. Shoes are not only fashion products, but also consumer products relating to sports, welfare, health, medical service and so forth. This industry might tie up with community design of sports and welfare.
 In Shin-Nagata Station North Area, Shoes Gallery Area and Business Service Area are planned along the community road located in the urban center, so that this mixed land use development will activate the community development activities.
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