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24)Town Planning by Residents of Rokkomichi Station South District

Yoshiro Kodama, Kobe University


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First Work Shop / Plans of each group were announced Second workshop / Discussion to use plan model Plan by residents

 In Rokkomichi Station South district, many buildings were totally or almost totally destroyed, and more than 90% of inhabitants have evacuated to the shelters and or to relatives' houses. When the urban redevelopment plan was announced by the city government, residents of 50 households who had managed to keep living in the district got together to appeal for more time to study the plan. The plan has, however, was adopted without giving attention to their appeal.
 After this decision, the city and the residents agreed that further specific details of the plan would have to be worked out by the residents. A volunteer group from Kobe University helped the residents finalize a draft plan with two workshops of 50 residents held March 21 and April 6.
 This draft has the following four features:

 At present, a new town planning council including evacuated residents is being formed to determine specific details of the project reflecting the opinions of all inhabitants. Once agreement is reached residents, the municipal government would be required to take rather flexible stance in implementation of its urban planning.

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