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25) Process to make a project Noda-hokubu district

Tsunetaka Miyoshi, Progressive Projects Institute


Restoration plan of Takatori east district. West side park is Daikoku park
No. 11 Noda north area Machizukuri council
 The total area of this district is about 12 ha. The machizukuri council of the district (president: Saburo Asayama) had developed such as Daikoku Park and its adjoining road for two years before the earthquake. The number of households in the district before the earthquake was about 1,200 (about 3,400 people).
 The earthquake reconstruction headquarters of the district was established three days after the earthquake. Reconstruction meetings were held 12 times until the end of May, 3 or 4 times each month. There were also constantly held such as study meetings and hearings. Their main themes were understanding the conditions after the earthquake using an existing condition model, learning about land readjustment plans using a model, learning about joint reconstruction etc.
 A land readjustment project of the 2nd and 3rd block of Kaiun-cho (about 2.3 ha.) is being planned. The lot reduction rate in this plan is less than 10 percent. The planners are explore whether residents intend to reconstruct housing jointly or sell their land etc.
 The City intends to encourage each council and make a final project plan in August. Streetscape Promoting District Plan is being studied to introduce.
 To aim for the uniformed machizukuri, the City has stressed the importance of machizukuri to residents outside the readjustment project plan district.
 Residents of the Noda-hokubu district are strongly united. A number of factors contribute to this.

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