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Various Paper Money

By Seiichi Arai

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    When I returned from overseas business trip,
    I was aware of some money left in my pocket.
    Looking at their motifs was very interesting,
    because I was able to touch the culture and history
    of the country through them. This experience is
    the trigger of my collecting coins and bank notes.

    It is also fun to imagine the people in the ancient
    who had been using the money which just now
    in my hand.

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My Favorite
Colorful bank note Sri Lanka  2R
Elaborate delineation of building Korea 1000won
Denomination Yugoslavia  100 Dinara  1986
King of Morocco? Morocco 5 Dirham  1966
"Bank of Traffic" Republic of China  10Yen  1914
Sunflower Netherlands  50 Guilder  
Fisherman Peru    5000 Intis  1988
Flourescent Ink Lebanon    50 Livres  
Harvest Costa Rica   5 Colones  1989
Palm tree and Bay British East Caribbean   5 Dollars  1986
Mother and Baby Rwanda   100 Francs  1978
Boat in a bay Maldive islands   2 Rufiyaa  1983

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