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4. Machizukuri Newsletter

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"kinmokusei" "Cheer up Manokko!" "Community Development Machizukuri for restoration

Conditions after the Earthquake Disaster: --News is the barometer of activities.--

 Right after the Earthquake, many limited circulation magazines were issued by residents and volunteers. Many machizukuri organizations issued newsletters. The following three kinds of newsletters were issued from the various standpoints in machizukuri.

Purpose and roles of the machizukuri newsletters:

(1) Machizukuri newsletters by the machizukuri organizations:

 It is indispensable for the democratic management of machizukuri organizations. It serves an important role as a way to facilitate agreement, and as a link between the area and residents who have been evacuated to other places.

(2) Machizukuri newsletters of the supporting network of consultants:

 They are issued to share information among the network members and to provide information to supporters all over the country. Such newsletters can inform the rest of society about network activity and about the progress of the recovery.

(3) Machizukuri newsletters by public agencies:

 They provide information securely and clearly about the City-sponsored machizukuri process to the citizens and the residents in land readjustment/redevelopment project areas.

Content of Machizukuri Newsletters

(1) Machizukuri newsletters by machizukuri organizations:

 These newsletters were mainly composed of articles regarding general meetings, announcements, questionnaires and the results, the contents of machizukuri study meetings, drafts of machizukuri documents, and so on. Generally, they are issued at milestones in machizukuri process. "Manokko Ganbare! (Cheer up Manokko!)" is a rare example which has been continuously issued every week until today.

(2) Machizukuri newsletters by supporting network:

 The contents of the news vary among various newsletters. They reflect the purpose of individual networks.

(3) Machizukuri newsletters by public agencies:

 Information on urban plans and project plans when they are determined, explanations of the system of land readjustment or other projects, and other information are provided.

Collections of machizukuri newsletters.

 The enormous volume of machizukuri newsletters which have been issued so far is the "real textbook of the machizukuri for restoration". A collection of machizukuri newsletters has been issued to inform the many people interested in the machizukuri process citywide.
VOL. 1 of "Community Development Machizukuri for Restoration" was issued in May,1995. (Edited by The Hanshin Great Earthquake Disaster/ community development Machizukuri for Restoration Supporting Network. Published by Gakugei Shuppan.) Eight more volumes were issued before March 1997. Kobe City issued "Report of Machizukuri for Restoration 1995-1996". (Edited by Urban Planning Department of Kobe City, Section for Land Readjustment for Restoration)
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