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7. Fund for Machizukuri for Restoration

The role of the fund for machizukuri for restoration

Public decision of Hanshin - Awaji Renaissance Fund 1
Public decision of Hanshin - Awaji Renaissance Fund 2
 The activities of the machizukuri for restoration after the Earthquake have been conducted independently in various aspects mainly in the White Zone where the Administrative support is poor. As these activities by residents and the consultants are conducted without pay basically, but the activities should be continuously performed, the administrative support is needed. Also on the Administrative side, as the machizukuri for restoration are based on the projects and the systems before the Earthquake, various supporting strategies in the White Zone and other areas are required.
 The fund for machizukuri for restoration was established to cope up with these conditions, which has become indispensable to promote the machizukuri for restoration.

Kinds of funds and their contents

 There are two kinds of funds, official and non-official. There are many differences in the scale, purpose, objective and organization.

〈Non-official Fund〉

+ "Hanshin-Awaji Renaissance Fund (HAR Fund)"
 Supporting fund for machizukuri on purely private basis. The supporting amount is little, however it supports the initial stage of various kinds of machizukuri activities. Subsidies have been issued five times since the establishment of the fund. The funding decisions are made in public, in clear and transparent way.
+ "Hanshin-Awaji Community Fund (HAC Fund)"
 This fund is to support the private public organizations and volunteers' organizations in the disaster afflicted urban areas with 800,000,000 yen in three years. The management of the fund in cooperation with the HAR Fund is now under study.
+ "Kobe Machizukuri Rokko Island Fund"
 This fund is for specified purposes: to support the international communities, and for cultural programs. It is focused in specified areas, Kobe City, especially Higashinada-ku. Broadening the purposes to include the activities which contribute to the restoration is now under study.

〈Administrative Fund〉

+ "Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake Disaster Restoration Fund"
 This fund was established by Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City in April, 1995, with the fund of 900,000,000,000 yen to support the sufferers, the reconstruction of housing, the restoration of industry, education and culture, and other restoration projects. As for machizukuri and housing, the interest in loan about reconstruction of housing cost is granted. Projects by residential organizations to promote the resident-oriented machizukuri, hire consultants, and cost of furnishings for common space of collective housing are subsidized.
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