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8. Dispatch of Machizukuri Specialists

〈article 5)〉

What is dispatch of specialists

System of Dispatch of specilities
 Many projects where machizukuri consultants/planners support the local machizukuri organizations rely on a dispatch system of machizukuri specialists. The structure of the dispatch system is shown in Figure. However, few specialists are selected from the registration lists of specialists and dispatched based on the information from the public agency. More often, specialists independently make contact with local organizations and residents, and the public agency supports the relationship.

Dispatch of specialists facilitated after the Earthquake

 In Kobe City, the dispatch system of specialists was established before the Earthquake (Kobe City Machizukuri Ordinance). "Kobe Housing & Machizukuri Personnel Resource Center" was established in Kobe Machizukuri Center in July, 1995. In the damaged cities other than Kobe, "Hyogo City Planning Center" was established under Hyogo Urban Improvement Authority in September 1995, and the dispatch system of specialists all over the disaster afflicted urban areas was established.
 Major purposes of dispatch of specialists are:
 Most of the dispatched specialists are machizukuri consultants/planners or architects. Lawyers, judicial scriveners, university professors, landscape architects and other specialists are also dispatched as the machizukuri for restoration has become more complex. The financial resource for the dispatch is "Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Restoration Fund" established after the Earthquake.

The dispatch of specialists and the problems

 For the specialists, the jobs as "specialists" are provided, and for the residents, the support by specialists are available for free. The dispatch system is very helpful for both the specialists and the residents and is a indispensable system to promote the machizukuri for restoration.
 For the future, the systems need to be maintained, and financial resources established.
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