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8. Joint housing project

〈article 8910)〉

Joint house in Noda north area Nagata-ku Kobe
 In the case where independent rebuilding in each site is difficult because the site is too small or the site does not meet the road contact requirement, the rebuilding can be supported by adopting a joint housing project.
 In "a joint housing project", several housing sites are combined into one site for building one condominium to be individually owned. The housing site where the condominium is built is commonly owned the owners of dwelling units in the condominium. In most joint housing projects, an equivalent exchange system is adopted. According to the equivalent exchange system, a share in the rights on the previous buildings and land (such as an ownership and leasehold) is estimated, so as to determine a share in the dwelling units in the rebuilt building.
 In the case of rebuilding in the afflicted district, the previous buildings have been destroyed. Therefore, for example, when the proportion in the land owned by three rightful persons is 1:1:2, the total floor area of the rebuilt housing is divided at the proportion of 1:1:2, and the construction expenses are shared in accordance with their shares.
 When the total floor area can be increased by adopting a joint housing project as compared with that of the previous buildings, some of the construction cost can be paid by selling the increased area to a developer or the like. A portion of the expenses is borne by the new owner, reducing the costs to the original partners. In other words, the decreased share in the expenses is equal to a decreased share in the original land.
 In most of actual joint housing projects, the ownership of the entire site is once transferred to a developer, the developer rebuilds a condominium, and the original owners acquire dwelling units according to their shares for settling accounts (which is designated as an all alienation system). When they wish to increase their shares in the rebuilt housing, additional money corresponding to the increase should be paid.
 Actually, however, in the densely built-up area where a joint housing project is necessary, many of residents are tenants. Therefore, in order for those who have been living in the district to continue to live there, it is necessary, in examining the structure of the project, to arrange support for adjusting leaseholds and for allowing tenants to rent a unit included in a share of the owner.
 When a three-storied house is built in a small housing site, a large area in the house is be occupied by staircases. In contrast, when a joint housing project is adopted, the same floor area can be effectively used two-dimensionally. But people are reluctant to share land, and joint housing projects are actually difficult to carry out.
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